So a long time ago I began a journey into the world I dreamt of as a little girl. From a teenager who got into her dream drama program (on academic probation), to winning first prize in a modelling competition that garnered an international contract then ending up on the set of a crazy action-black comedy Danger 5, you could say I live my dreams.

Those amazing adventures also endured the roller coasters of life. traveling while exhilarating at times became cripplingly lonely. Booking modelling jobs came with mountains of rejection and personal attacks on my body and bone structure. Booking the role of a lifetime came with great door openings and lack of visa came with a whole new round of rejections in the US.

Finished is better than perfect, is something I have had to come to live by, not by choice but the design of the universe. Making films and publishing works of art you believe in doesn’t come easy and never end up where you imagined. To me that is the joy of life, one big surprise after the other, as long as you are willing to jump.